The Secret of Legally passing a Drug Test

When you have an interview or an impending drug test that you have to take, you need to be quite sure of what you are consuming for at least a week. Not all drug tests are similar and some tests like hair follicle test facts show the level of drugs for even more than weeks. It is therefore important to stay clean for at least a month if you have a planned drug test. Legally they cannot conduct a drug test on you without a prior notice and if you are subjected to one you need to take immediately, you can do the following things to help yourself and remain clean when subjected –

The only way to clearly pass a drug test is not consuming any for a period of time. If you are in a profession where drug tests are common or mandatory and if there is a probability of subjecting to random drug tests then it is important to stay clear of drugs, especially when you are on probation or looking for a change in jobs.

When you are sure that you are subjected to hair follicle test, it is only fair to know that the drugs enter your hair follicles in about a week. So if you are legally informed of a hair follicle test and you have consumed drugs just the previous day, then it is not likely that your tests will show up the drug in your system. The drugs take up a couple of days to reach your hair follicles.

If you are subjected to other tests like urine test, then you could keep yourself hydrated. Drink about 4 glasses of water and pass urine at least 2 times before you take the test. A drink with caffeine helps flush out drugs from the system too.…

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